New Products Created to Inspire

To inspire your menu innovation, look to our latest collection of on-trend products and culinary concepts that satisfy customers, bolster your bottom line and hone your competitive edge.

These products offer versatility and cross-utilization opportunities that keep costs low while delivering on guest expectations.

Featured Products

Natural elements and minerals, like copper, are on-trend. Mix, stir, shake and toast... here’s to your customers!

Reorder Number: 731734

Pre-sliced, this smooth, buttery, silky cow’s milk cheese has excellent melting properties, making it a perfect foil for hot applications.

Reorder Number: 272913

A classic combo, this cheese offers full flavor and all-purpose appeal, making it great for burgers, sandwiches and more.

Reorder Number: 272933

Smoking gives #1 selling cheddar a twist for an updated take on the familiar. Shred it into mac and cheese, taco salads, etc.

Reorder Number: 272852

This blend of taco seasonings and Jack Cheese is perfect for enlivening Mexican menu items.

Reorder Number: 272783

Give dishes from-scratch flavor with this frozen, boil-in-bag Blue Cheese Dip with a subtle, balanced blue cheese taste.

Reorder Number: 271464

A lean protein with a tender texture and satisfying juiciness, this turkey also satisfies customer demand for antibiotic-free meat.

Reorder Number: 957380

Hand-frenched and marinated in brown sugar, water and salt, this pork rib chop has a subtle sweetness and juicy tenderness.

Reorder Number: 835731 (Taunton, Aberdeen, Dallas and Houston 232722)

Offer a twist on a charcuterie board favorite with this Duck Prosciutto. It’s small case size makes for easy experimentation.

Reorder Number: 179984 (Taunton 345432)

Free from antibiotics, added hormones, growth stimulants and animal byproducts, each bird has superior texture and flavor.

Reorder Number: 691831 (Taunton, Dallas and Houston 345412)

With a clean, subtly sweet taste of the ocean and a buttery texture, this Tuna Poke delivers flavor, flexibility and value alongside a health halo.

Reorder Number: 262933

Sweetened with cane sugar, this bag-in-box lemonade is all-natural and ready for your dispensing machine.

Reorder Number: 270204

All-natural, lightly sweetened and infused with subtle flavor, just slip this bag-in-box lemonade into your dispensing machine.

Reorder Number: 270236

Subtly sweetened and flavored, this all-natural lemonade brings a refreshing take on lemonade to your dispensing machine.

Reorder Number: 270115

Combining chard, arugula, parsley, dill and cilantro, this vibrant mix answers customers’ requests for healthier, more flavorful salad options.

Reorder Number: 239512

Peppery arugula is balanced with notes of lemon, making for an elegant, textural blend your customers will enjoy.

Reorder Number: 239523

Perk up with the latest drink trend—cold brew coffee, which consumers love because it’s less bitter and acidic than regular joe.

Reorder Number: 212904

Distinctively green with a slightly sweet, soft vegetal finish, this can mean more dough for your beverage menu.

Reorder Number: 142811

Fresh and bright, this Creamy Miso Dressing makes a great stand-in for Japanese-style ginger dressing.

Reorder Number: 275143

Light and refreshing, this Lemon Vinaigrette offers a citrus finish with broad appeal.

Reorder Number: 275113

Meet the demand for Middle Eastern flavors and global mashups with this balance of bright lemon and rich sesame tahini.

Reorder Number: 275192

This mashup combines two of the most sought-after desserts in one—smooth, creamy cheesecake and sweet, spicy carrot cake.

Reorder Number: 177003

Indulgent and layered, this dessert combines cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cheesecake.

Reorder Number: 176894

Denali Matte Gray maintains the unrivaled combination of value and good looks while adding contemporary appeal to your tabletop.

Reorder Number: 927858